Golden shower from Heaven 2021   185cmx185cm   acryl op linnen

Getsamene revisited 2020  115cmx104cm   acryl op doek.

God's pussies piss in the river to drown the world in misery   2020 150cmx200xcm acryl op doek

God leaks and thereby makes a degradable world  2020  120x120cm acryl op doek

God peeks and watches a quote from Lea and the Swan by Chia  2021  120x100cm  acryl op doek

Annuciation of Mary 2021  120cmx100cm  acryl op doek

Restless walk in the garden of Eden 2021  120x100cm  acryl op doek

Mary Magdalene sprinkled Jesus agony with holy water  2022  150 x 120 cm 
Couache op Hahnemule papier

Eve finds the forbidden fruit sitting in Paradise on a bed of Brazen Hussy  2022  150 x 120 cm
Couache op Hahnemule papier